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 No matter your age - 70, 80, 90, history of illness or lack of exercise - You Can Become Stronger

Wackler Wellness was founded to keep seniors strong, independent, empowered and performing the activities of daily living with ease. Wackler Wellness is committed to helping seniors live fitter, fuller lives well into their 100s.

Because seniors, especially low, fixed income older adults, have little access to organized and professionally-led exercise programs, they have little motivation to exercise on their own. Lack of exercises leads to muscle mass loss, loss of balance, range of motion, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and neuromuscular coordination.

Wackler Wellness makes dynamic exercise programs available to seniors in their communities, programs that improve these health conditions. Professionally-trained exercise instructors lead workshops in nursing homes, senior centers, assisted living facilities and other community settings where seniors gather. The result is stronger, healthier, independent older adults who continue to contribute their experience and expertise to their communities.  More info >