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"Rebecca has a wonderful rapport with the class and truly cares about each person and their quality of life. She motivates them to become stronger and has turned them into exercisers which is not easy to do with this population…"
- Myrna Hansen, Activities Director, Westwood Horizons Retirement Hotel

"At eighty nine, I had triple by pass surgery. I believe that the work with Rebecca enabled me to endure the surgery as well as recover quickly… working with Rebecca keeps my will going, my will to keep going on."
- Sylvia McFarlane, 91

"I can get out. I can walk. I can have friends and be a friend."
- Helene Kratz, 87



"I do enjoy it.
I enjoy exercise.
It makes me feel alive."
- Ida Leemon, 91

"After the amputation, I was going through a period of depression where I thought nothing was very worthwhile. It (the exercise) cured my depression."
- Sylvia Sugar, 88

"I’ve gotten considerably
stronger and I can move
in ways that I never could
- Hilda Weiss, 90